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Log Home Refresh

We just wrapped up staging a 1990s-built log home, nestled in the rolling mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

When we first walked into the empty home, our first impression was wood, on wood, on MORE WOOD! You'll see below that adding neutral grays & ivory accents in this space modernized it, and calmed all of that wood down.

We don't always add curtains, but this space really was calling for these light & bright curtains to help fill in the walls with something besides wood and brighten the room.

The copper-legged occasional tables tied in well with the with the wood to help the space feel intentional, warm, cozy and inviting.

I'll be honest, I completely missed to gorgeous skylights during the initial walk-through because of how dark everything felt with ALL of that wood. On staging day, those skylights lit up our staging in the most divine way!

What did we accomplish?

We set out to:

  • Lighten and brighten the room

  • Provide perspective for room size and function

  • Modernize this 90s log cabin-feeling home while embracing its charming architecture

  • Create a buyer experience that enriches the space and elicits emotional appeal

We enjoyed staging this space so much! What do you think? Let us know by commenting below or emailing

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