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4 Reasons Your Listings Need Fantastic Photographs

We know from experience that if a home shows well and has great photos it will attract more attention both online and in-person -- but do professional photos REALLY pay off?

Homes with multiple photos sell nearly 2x as fast as homes with a single photo and even more so than homes with no photos.

Let’s look at 4 reasons real estate photography is worth every cent (and then some!)

1. Real estate photographers can target a home’s best angles:

Has someone ever taken a picture of you when you weren’t expecting it, or from a low angle, or with bad lighting, or with a crappy camera?

These pictures can look unflattering to say the least, but a good photographer knows the exact angle, lighting, expression, lens, etc. to make you look your best. Similarly, real estate photographers are experts at capturing a home’s best side – highlighting all those characteristics that will make buyers fall in love with a home.


2. Without eye-catching photos, buyers may never even see your home in-person:

97% of home buyers are using the internet to search for homes according to the National Association of REALTORS® “2020 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.”

That means nearly every single buyer is going to see your house online before they consider going to see it in-person. Increasingly, the process for buyers is to search online before even contacting an agent. Buyers set their search criteria and then sift through hundreds or thousands of photos of properties. Without photos that stand out from all the others, your properties could be tossed out of the running before they even have a chance get started.


3. Consistently amazing photos give you an opportunity to stand out:

In some real estate markets professionally photographed homes are the rule and not the exception. Most homes (especially above certain price points) have professional photos and in those markets, not utilizing them would put you at a disadvantage.

In other markets however, professional real estate photography doesn’t have the same foothold and so utilizing high-end photography can be one of the distinguishing features that sets your listing, as well as you as an agent, apart from rest of the market.


4. Quality photography makes you look more professional:

As a REALTOR®, reputation and branding are so important. You are building a portfolio of sold homes with every transaction and having listings with professional photos shows a commitment to servicing clients and a level of professionalism that will separate you from your peers.

As an agent, with each home you sell you are building that brand and reputation. The commitment and professionalism are what sellers look for when selecting a REALTOR to sell their home and professional photos demonstrate that.

In conclusion

Photographers don’t view the taking of photographs as their job so much as the accurate telling of a story utilizing those photographs. A good real estate photographer understands the story you are trying to convey to buyers and knows how to get that story across. 97% of your home buyers are using the internet to search for their next home and we know that much of that search hinges on the pictures posted to the MLS. If you want as many potential buyers as possible to see your homes, you really need to show the buyers what they are looking for. A good real estate photographer can make sure that happens giving you happy clients, shorter time on market, and a professional looking portfolio.

Send us an email for more information on our photography services and pricing or to schedule a session for your home!

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